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12833 Edsel Drive
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King’s paintings are available now online. Please check the size of the painting carefully. Original paintings are first come first serve. Please know we are carefully updating the available pieces every week. All small paintings comes with a boxed white frame with a hook. Medium to Large paintings are on 1.5~3” inch corner wrapped canvas that does not require a frame for display. Shipping cost are varies as the size and weight of the painting. Please check the options for the detail shipping cost. For local customer, pick up option is available.

King's Inspiration

King sees what is true to him. King speaks his feeling through his paintings. King feels all of what is important for life, love and expresses them through his paintings. He believes in his works, and all of them are purely precious to him. 

King sees colors and numbers with feelings. They dance on his canvas, and those are his friends. 4500 is the happiest number, and 7 is sad, yet 77 is a good day! When he paints, he smiles. He enjoys feelings are freely cast in his canvases. 

King thinks being autistic is pretty lucky, because he can see beautiful trees and talk to them. King enjoys his life and he knows exactly what he likes. He swims like a fish and plays Taiko drums like he calls heaven. 

Hand Crafted

King independently composes, sketches and paints all of his pieces by hand.  His work consists of acrylic paints applied to unbleached cotton canvases, stapled to wood frames. 


Supporting King's Mission

Each piece purchased supports King's ability to live independently and his career as a professional painter. King continues to inspire all around him through his career and serves as proof that life doesn't have to be limited by disability. 

Each Piece Is Unique

There are no prints, copies or reproductions of King's work. Customers can be assured that when they make a purchase they are acquiring a truly one of a kind piece of art. 

Recent Pieces